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Chief Constable Simon Bailey, national lead for violence and public protection, told the Mirror: 'The rising popularity of online dating apps and websites has contributed to an increase in the number of recorded crimes.I feel like this whole season was a "hiatus" for me.

There was no way Captain freakin’ America was going to set his sights on you. He gave a smile that set your heart pitter-pattering like crazy and you made your way up to him. You couldn’t say no, and so you spent your day strolling through Central Park, eating cotton candy, and at one point, Steve even wore a hat made of balloons. And like that, you spent your week flanked by Steve Rogers, and occasionally by Bucky, whenever Steve allowed him to tag along. Nat, Sam, Bucky, Clint, Tony, and even Bruce, were all there, their eyes looking up and landing on you as you walked into the living room. “Hey, you two didn’t tell us that you made it official? Steve and you had made the front page of one of the most popular magazines in the nation. ”His question was met with silence and you swallowed thickly. ”You rolled your eyes and turned to Steve, mustering up all the courage you could. “Alone.”Steve nodded and spun around towards the hallway that led to the living quarters, you followed right behind him, not missing a beat in flipping Bucky off over your shoulder.

Any crazy SNL fan will know that during Wiig's last show, she and the cast danced to this song.

I'm sure that not a single person at the wedding noticed the song or the reason I did it, so again, it was just because I'm that in love with this show.

Sitting behind Steve on his motorcycle, clutching on to his waist, face pressed between his shoulder-blades? The food was on the house, but still, Steve insisted on giving the restaurant a substantial tip.

You nodded, wanting nothing more than to get rid of the cast and claim you were fully healed. A smiling man greeted you both before his eyes lit up in recognition. Steve grinned and informed the man that he had visited this restaurant when it was barely opened, at which the man proceeded to give you the best treatment he possibly could.

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